Heaton Hall Bowling Club

                             Flat Green Bowling in Manchester.


New members are always welcome at Heaton Hall Bowling Club, whether you have never bowled a Wood (What us bowlers call the bowls) before or are the next World Bowls Champion! 

Membership Fees for 2017.

New Members (Over 21) - £60.00 plus £5.00 joining Fee. Total - £65.00.

Members Renewing (Over 21) - £60.00.

                                                                            Junior Members (Under 21 years Old) - £5.00.

                                                                            Social Members (Non Bowlers) - £5.00.

2017 Membership Forms Here


 All Memberships last from 1st April 2017 until 31st March 2018 unless stated otherwise.

Heaton Hall Bowling Club Dress Code.

       Dress for Mid-Week -  Mid Grey below the waist. White/Club Shirt above the waist.

Dress for Weekend -   White below the waist. White/Club Shirt above the waist. (Unless stated differently)

(Only Bowls England approved Shorts may be worn)

Please Note - Heaton Hall Bowling Club operates a No Smoking policy within the boundaries of the club and greens. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area (near the pavilion). Anyone breaching this will be asked to leave the site and may forfeit their match.