Heaton Hall Bowling Club

                             Flat Green Bowling in Manchester.

Heaton Hall Bowling Club Honours 2016

The Winners from finals weekend for the 2016 season.

HHBC Club Championship - Champion

Don Oliver

HHBC Men's Singles Championship - Champion

Chris Gale

HHBC Presidents Trophy - Champion

Barry Whittingham

HHBC Vice- Presidents Trophy - Champions

Arthur Wall - Lynne Davies - Peter Laundon

HHBC 2 Wood Singles - Champion

Stuart Cowie

HHBC Ladies Triples - Champions

       Doreen McGivern - Debbie Wilson - Eunice Hamnett

HHBC Men's Triples - Champions

Pat Taylor - Stephen Brady - Buds Athimoolam

Friendship Trophy - Champion

John Davies

HHBC Ladies 4 Wood Pairs Trophy - Champions

Ann Short - Keris Sheridan

HHBC Mixed 2 Wood Pairs Trophy - Champions

Rob Burns - Peter Laundon

HHBC Colin Cain Pairs Trophy - Champions

Peter Laundon - John Davies

HHBC Sam Morgan Trophy - Champions

Stuart Cowie - Chris Catterall - Audrey Smith

HHBC Bob Sloan Triples Trophy - Champions

Pat Taylor - Barry Whittingham - Daniel Catterall